This article popped up on my linkedin list today, “Forget networking.  How to be a Connector.”  If you have not read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, you need to read this to really understand what the author is saying, but this article is a good start.

Connectors are people who seem to know everyone and enjoy connecting people with other people.  They genuinely want to help you and find ways to do it, even if they cannot do it themselves.

This is Aneil.  This also coincides with his “”Winning Others Over” or “WOO” talent that emerges from his StrengthsFinder talent.  This is another great book to read that helps you identify your strengths.

Aneil is always amazed when someone does not have the ability to connect him with others, but I have to remind him that not all of us have his WOO talent or his passion for connecting.  As you will read in our forthcoming book, he has helped others find jobs or new career paths, but this ability has also helped him beat his thyroid cancer ten years ago.  He is a rare breed, indeed.

WOO is not the only way to connect with others, however.  There are also “relating” talents that people have that make it easier to connect with others.  If relating to others is not “your thing,” then the challenge is build the ROCC of Trust with others who are great at connecting so that your an benefit from their talents.  Just remember, you’ll have to help them using your own talents if you want their help in connecting.


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  • By Rob Peters, January 31st, 2012 at 11:25 am

    I think there is wide-range in the quality of relationships with regards to the connector-type. I know alot of connectors who are bridge-builders between people, but they themselves do not have any great interest in building deeper relationships with others. Example; A few years I met a hyper-connector on LinkedIN who had thousands of people on his 1st line on Linkedin. He said did not really know these people, or even like or even trust. So wy would he connect or refer someone? He was trying to get them to his business website for commerce and connecting was his sales channel. But it is a dangerous path you take if you connect this way, because there is no guarantee of reciprocity if that is even your goal in the previous social example. As a connector-type What are your values and principles you believe in? In the Standard of Trust tribal language, a connector is an individual, product, or organizational entity that consistently earns Relationship Capital (RC) by commiting to connect one relationship entity to another relationship entity. A valuable service indeed in this hyperconnected & hyper-transparent world. Question for the future state: Will we need the online social-connector type or will technology replace this social bridge-builder?

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