Be Intentional About Building Trust
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Campbell University (where I teach) just hosted a gifted speaker, Dr. Knapp, President of Washington & Jefferson College. His talk was on my favorite subject: Trust. He spoke about how important trust is to create in order to maintain an ethical culture.

After the talk, someone told me that they had meant to ask him how you can be intentional about being trustworthy when you walk out of your office. I didn’t want to brag, but I actually do know a thing or two about this after 25 years of research on this subject. Here are a few tips–for her and for others.

Be Reliable: In every interaction with others, show them that they can count on you. Show up to meetings on time and bring the work completed as promised. Be the kind of person that others can rely on.

Be Open & Honest: Be the kind of colleague that tells the truth and easily shares information with others. Don’t keep secrets from others in order to maintain a power position, but help others also be willing to share more.

Show your Competence: We all have our areas of #Strength and we need to let others know where we excel.  If we don’t share our area(s) of expertise, we may not be trusted to get a job done.  Others need to know that they can also count on us to get the job done–right.

Show that you Care: Often we think that showing up, sharing information and doing our job well is enough.  But, people will trust us more when they know that we care about their best interests as much as we care about our own.  Ask how they are doing–and truly listen for the answer.  Look them in the eye; put down the phone.  Listen more; talk less.  Help when you can.

These four ways to build trust with others are based on our 25 years of research with leaders and teams in a variety of industries.  They have shared with us what works to build trust in good times and bad.  It is not rocket science, but it is a recipe for trustworthy leadership.