Build Your Trust Network Every Day
Written By TotalTrust
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We often coach our students and alums to help them use their strengths to find their dream job.  We also help them understand how they can start building a network to keep working toward that dream job.

Yesterday, Karen was working with a new grad to help her refine her resume and cover letter.  She just landed an entry-level job, but was aware that she needed to be ready for a better job, whenever it might appear.  Her one question was: How can I build my own network, and not rely on my parents and their network?  She wanted to land her next job using her own contacts.

Karen’s suggestion to her was to start building her trust network now: make an effort to meet new people on her new job, including vendors and customers, and invite them to be connected through LinkedIn.  Karen also introduced her to a few local professional associations that she could join, to also start building her own Trust Network.

It was a great reminder that new college graduates don’t have the vast Trust Network that we do–it takes years of experience to build up our networks. But, new grads can take good care of each relationship that they build along the way.