Here’s a good news story you certainly don’t see everyday:

OMGPOP — the creator of the popular Draw Something game available for both iPhone and Android — was sold last month for $210 million to social gaming company Zynga Inc.

This was a huge boon to the once-struggling start-up that was close to going bust, according to Fortune. A few months ago, with sales floundering, Porter made the difficult decision to lay off several Flash developers, PCMag.com reports.

Then, of course, the launch — and consequent popularity — of the Pictionary-like game Draw Something changed everything. Within six weeks, it was downloaded by 35 million users, becoming the most popular iPhone/Facebook game around, Wall Street Cheat Sheet reports.

That’s when Zynga came calling — and Porter quickly got to work getting the employees he fired back in the game.

“He was literally negotiating the deal and jamming the re-hires back into payroll to make sure they were covered with hours remaining in the close,” an anonymous source with first-hand knowledge of the situation told Business Insider. “Their options kept vesting and they benefited from the sale.”

In our research on organizational downsizing, this Compassion-based approach to rebuilding trust following layoffs is exceptional.  If there were more CEOs like Dan Porter, the U.S. economy would be much further along in restoring all of the jobs, and the wealth and incomes that go with those jobs, that were lost in the Great Recession of 0f 2008-.


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