This article is a reminder that while many things can be replicated from company to company, we can work hard to create a unique culture that is much harder to duplicate.  The author makes the point that building a unique culture does not have to be complicated: it can be as simple as a small, but powerful sentence that helps employees spring into action.

In chapter 6 of our new book, we discuss this very concept: how to build a trustworthy culture by sharing examples from some powerful leaders we have met.  For example, Two Men and a Truck®, International (TMT) uses simple but elegant sentences to remind their employees and franchisees of their culture that illustrate their values such as “Movers Who Care” and “The Grandma Rule“.  These are easy for the TMT family to remember and implement and make a big difference, if you happen to be a customer, as we have been 10 times!

Movers who Care” began when the founder of Two Men and a Truck®, International (TMT), Mary Ellen Sheets, gave away her entire first year profits to ten nonprofit organizations in her community.  That tradition is alive and well today with TMT giving away money from every move to the American Cancer Society.

In addition, TMT wanted a way to help movers to remember how to keep their customers’ belongings safe and knew that everyone would want to treat their own Grandma well, so in honor of their own Grandma who was so important in the founding of the company, they created “The Grandma Rule“: treat everyone’s belongings as if they were your own Grandma’s.

Both ideas are simple and elegant and convey their core values:  a focus on the customer and what is important.  Those are what keep their culture unique and trustworthy.


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