Do you make it easy for your customers to trust you?
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We are having TWC/Spectrum issues. We may not be alone. It has been a few months of inconsistent cable and internet service and after several phone calls, a few agents finally admitted that TWC/Spectrum is not sending enough power to our neighborhood. There are many things cable companies do that irritate their customers, but knowingly NOT sending enough power to a neighborhood is beyond frustrating, especially considering how much money we spend on cable/internet/phone each month.  No wonder there is a TWC/Spectrum truck on our street almost every day.

If that was not frustrating enough, a robo-call just tried to cancel our appointment today by explaining that our service problems were probably due to weather and should be resolved by now. “press 1 if you don’t need your appointment today.” That would be an easy mistake to make but I was ready for them! I waited to press 2, to KEEP my appointment! Let’s hope that this additional technician can help us figure out this poor service problem.  For professors who work at home and rely on the internet, it is extremely frustrating.

And, let’s hope that they can figure out how to boost the power when the new apartment complex 1 mile down the road is completed and probably 100 or so new tenants move in–can’t wait to see what happens then!

TWC/Spectrum is not making it easy for us to trust them: they are not reliable; are not open/honest; obviously not competent; and have no compassion–a total trust failure.