Ever since we had a bad experience at a local coffee shop in Michigan, our 16-year old daughter and I have been scrutinizing customer service more than ever.  We compare each experience to that bad one and usually find ourselves pleasantly surprised.  In the coffee shop’s defense, their corporate office called to make amends and even sent us coupons for free coffee to make up for our bad experience.

So, after a nice encounter at CVS today, I decided to see if someone had done a survey of top retailers and found this survey and CVS is actually ranked 14th in customer experience.  Amazon is ranked first (no surprise from my own experience), but I actually had not even considered CVS to be a contender until my 16-year old said, “Wow, that guy was so nice–not like the guy from the coffee shop.”

Does service matter to you when you buy things?  Should we expect folks to be nice just because we are spending money?  They have hard jobs, dealing with the public and they are not even high paying jobs.  Should they have to go the extra mile to make us laugh or help us have a good day, when maybe they are not having a good day?


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  • By Tandah, July 3rd, 2011 at 3:04 am

    Hi Karen, I think it’s time to let go of you/your daughter’s bad coffee experience – the company’s done what they can to recompense and sounds like you haven’t forgiven them and I feel you’re just dissing on them again in this blog by using your daughter’s comments to set their benchmark at low – not nice!

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