Employees want the right type of feedback
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In her dissertation research, Karen found that employees actually like getting feedback, as long as it helped them get better at their job. Gallup has also found that the right kind of feedback can make a difference to employees.

In her research, retail employees shared that the daily feedback that they received from their supervisor was positive and helpful in improving their job skills. They knew from this type of interaction with her that she “had their back” and wanted them to enjoy their work.

In the Gallup study, they found that positive feedback that is specific, frequent, encouraging and helps an employee get better at his/her job will keep an employee at the organization longer than negative feedback.

The problem is that both colleges and companies don’t spend time training people (managers) how to give effective feedback, and so many end up not giving any at all. If firms want to retain excellent employees, leaders will have to learn how to give positive, constructive feedback in order to build up an engaged and trusting workforce. That type of feedback is exactly what a good coach would give. Instead of thinking like a boss, think of yourself as a coach.