Here’s What a Strengths Coach Can Do For You
Written By TotalTrust
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We often get questions about how a Strengths Coach can help. Based on some recent coaching we have done, here are a few ways we can help you:

1) help you understand and appreciate your top five strengths
Once you have taken the Gallup StrenghsFinder 2.0 assessment, you will be given your top five strengths.  The Gallup book describes them, but we also help you discover how you already use those strengths in your life and work and how those came to be your top five strengths. This sounds simple, but it can be a profound new way of looking at yourself.

2) coach you to use them more wisely in your daily job

Once you discover your top five strengths, you will find that you either use them every day or wish you did.  We can help you learn how to find ways to use your strengths at work in new ways to help you love your job more and do your job better.

3) prioritize your personal, team, and leadership goals

Once you understand your own strengths, you might want to look at your team and see how their strengths stack up and your team overall. This helps you decide if people are in the right positions based on their strengths and if there might be better ways of getting work done.  If also helps your team understand and appreciate each other more.  Finally, it helps you put specific goals in place based on your strengths to move forward as a leader.

4) implement your goals in line with your strengths

Now that you know your strengths and are using them more wisely in your job and with your team, you can implement the new goals you have set, using those strengths.  It is amazing how much confidence we gain knowing what we are good at and moving forward from there.  We already know what are are not good at.  What gives us confidence, and a sense of hope and optimism and energy is using our strengths to move forward to achieve new and lasting goals that we can easily achieve with the strengths we possess.