Humility can be a sign of strength
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In this article, the author asks if humility is important, why are leaders so arrogant?  This is a great question and one we wrestle with as we conduct research on what makes for truly trustworthy leadership.

The leaders we like to profile are humble in a way that encourages other to trust them and to then do their best:

  • Bob Lintz, former General Manager of the GM/Parma plant knew that he did not know how to do all 5,000 jobs in his plant, but knew that he could pave the way for them to be successful at those jobs


  • Mary Ellen Sheets, founder of Two Men and a Truck, International also shared that she hired people “smarter than herself” because she knew that would be how her company would grow


  • Ted Castle, co-founder of Rhino Foods, came into his company with a humble attitude after losing out on a job he thought he really wanted.


All of these leaders knew themselves well enough to know their own strengths and then cultivate the strengths in others.  This type of humility breeds loyalty, excellence, and trust.