Karen is a relator: How do you use your #strengths?
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We love the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 and recommend it to our students and the executives we work with.  Once you have discovered your top 5 strengths, you will be amazed at how you use them each day at work and at home.  Sometimes, you will think nothing of your strengths and wonder “can’t everyone do what I can do?”  But there will be other times, when you realize that you alone have a unique ability to make a connection or accomplish an objective, because of your unique strength.

Karen’s top strength is Relator.  She found this useful when she worked in the soft drink industry, selling plastic soda bottles to all of the beverage companies.  Her first job at the company was competitive analysis and pricing.  In this position, she had an opportunity to build relationships with all of the soft drink companies, both on the phone and in person.  If she was in Dallas, she would make a point to visit her friends at 7up.  If she was in Atlanta, Coke; NY, Pepsi.  She treated them with respect and kindness–the way she would any customer.  It was not too much of a surprise when a few years later, Pepsi asked the general manager of her division for Karen to be promoted to national account manager for the $75 million Pepsi account.  Karen had proven to be trustworthy to Pepsi: taking their business seriously; responding quickly and professionally; sharing open and honest information with them; and generally showing that she cared about their business.  Others in her operation were more surprised that someone so young (and female) would be promoted to this position.  Sometimes, others cannot see your strengths if they do not possess them.

It is a good reminder that your strengths allow you to bring something important to your team and your company.