Leaders DO for others
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One of the quotes that stood out for us yesterday was MLK Jr.’s quoteLife’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?

As we are interviewing leaders for the second edition of our book, this is a common theme we are noticing: trustworthy leaders are intentional about mentoring and developing others. Each of them talks about how they notice, mentor, and purposefully develop a younger leader so that they become a better leader.

They do this by 1) introducing them to other leaders they might like to learn from; 2) knowing when to put those future leaders into positions that will help develop them further; and 3) giving constructive feedback when necessary, to help them overcome a blindspot that might be holding them back.

We spent our MLK Jr. weekend mentoring alumni from schools where we have taught who are seeking new opportunities and who just needed someone to talk things through with. What are you doing for others?