Leading by example
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My business comm students just submitted their papers about a leader they know who inspires trust. The goal of this paper is to talk about a leader they admire while perfecting their writing skills.

One thing I noticed in grading these papers is that the leaders my students talk about are not who you would expect. Yes, there are a few who mention Kobe Bryant, Bill Gates, or Abraham Lincoln. Most however mention leaders closest to them: their parents, teachers, and coaches.

This is a great reminder that as parents, teachers, and coaches, we are leading by example every day. Our kids, students, and those we coach, are paying attention to what we say and do. They know when we communicate well and when we show that we care.

This is a humbling reminder that we don’t need a fancy CEO title to be a leader who inspires others. We just have to be someone who shows that we care, reminds others that they have potential, and be there for them as a consistent presence in their lives.