More than a year ago, I came across Noreen Kelly and her blog on trust.   She has an impressive array of clients, and some great feedback from her clients.  I’m delighted to introduce Noreen and her firm to our readers:

What services does your firm provide?

My firm, Trust Matters Group, helps its clients in several processes related to building trust,communications strategy, employee engagement, and organizational culture development.

How do you do this differently or better than your competitors?

Trust Matters Group develops a strategic plan of implementation to attract and improve relationships with your market so your market will want to meet you, your people, products and/or services. Out of this comes a new focus and direction for your organization.

I bring the opportunity to identify the order of things. Order provides a focus and some structure, yet there is fluidity. It clarifies the steps, the possibilities, and the blueprint for getting from where you are to where you desire to be.

Managing the human side of change is critical, as people typically do not embrace change right away. It’s all about people, participation and inclusion.

Finally, clients can count on me. I help them clarify their goals and thinking and assist in developing and implementing an integrated set of results. I have a natural empathy that gives me credibility, I work to understand and care for a client’s journey, cause, mission and intention, and give my clients work that comes from the heart.

What results can you/have you achieved for your clients?

I’ve promoted new initiatives for companies of all sizes, helping organizations to build awareness, understanding and acceptance of new ways of working. I’ve led change communication efforts for large scale change initiatives to major organizations and provided coaching and marketing communications support to entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations. As a consultant, coach, project manager and writer, my passions are putting projects together in a more visible way to bring credibility and goodwill for a company’s product or service, and helping organizations build and promote an environment of trust.

How can you be contacted?

noreen@trustmattersgroup.com; 312.933.3659

Web site address: www.trustmattersgroup.com

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/noreenkelly

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