sheldonWe watched Sheldon on Undercover Boss and were mesmerized by his authenticity.  We have watched many episodes of this show, but not many leaders touched us the way Sheldon did.  When we reached out to Sheldon to learn more about his leadership style, he offered to spend one hour with Aneil–but they ended up spending a bit more time than that, and Aneil knew that we had to capture Sheldon’s leadership lessons in this book.

Sheldon knows his employees and they know him.  He hand-writes birthday notes to all of his employees and believes in honesty and humility.  He will never say that his employees work for him, but work with him.  Aneil heard this many times from folks he met while at Sheldon’s office.

It is nice to know that the compassion and humility we all witnessed on TV was authentic.  Sheldon is “the real deal.”