ted castleAneil invited Ted to campus after he saw him interviewed on CNN. Ted was gracious enough to travel from Vermont to NC to talk to Aneil’s MBA students and we were intrigued by Ted’s leadership style.

Even though Rhino Foods is privately owned, he opens the books to his employees so that they know how to help maximize profits. Then, he shares those profits with his employees.

During tough times, instead of laying off employees, Ted loans them out to other local businesses with the promise of jobs when they return.  The best employees go out to other businesses which is great PR for Rhino Foods, but also gives the remaining employees an opportunity to step up and learn new leadership skills, themselves.

Recently, there has been an influx of refugees in Ted’s town, so his company has begun an ESL program at work to help those refugees become better integrated in work and life in Vermont.

Ted is a great example of a courageous, humble and authentic leader who builds trust with his employees in many ways.  Now, he is enlarging his purpose by extending his generosity to a new generation of employees.

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