tmt_family_photo_-2We want to introduce you to all of the leaders profiled in our new book. You have met some of them before in our first book and some of them are new. All of them have inspired us to think more deeply about what it means to be a trustworthy leader because of the way they lead.

Today, meet the family of Two Men and a Truck, International.  Mary Ellen Sheets (mom), started the company with a $350 investment in an old truck, and never looked back.  She is one of our favorite examples of trustworthy leadership because she modeled trustworthy behavior not only with her employees, but with her family.  Family businesses can often be tricky, in terms of sharing and passing on firm leadership, but Mary Ellen is a great role model for how to lead and then let someone else have a turn.  Melanie, her daughter, led next, and grew the company into a multi-million dollar franchise business before turning over the reigns to her brother, Brig, one of the original “Two Men”.  Brig built the company into a $220 million company, along with brother and fellow “Stick Man” EVP Jon.

When you read about the way this company has grown, how it has empowered employees to grow from movers to franchisees, and how it has given back to each community it serves, you will see why we are proud to learn from the example started by Mary Ellen and her company, Two Men and a Truck.