New name, same folks
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You might have noticed that our name has changed to The Center for Trustworthy Leadership. This is really what we have been doing for the past 25+ years, so we decided to make it a permanent change.

To us, it implies what we already do: research, training, coaching and consulting–using what we learn in our research about building a culture of trust to help other leaders and teams learn it, as well.

This summer, we are adding one new component permanently as well: career coaching for our students. We call it “College to Career.” You will see posts from us here, on Facebook and on LinkedIn about this topic as well. We hope you will share your perspective with our students as they become part of our Trust Network.

Please continue to join us here as we keep sharing the stories of leaders, teams and organizations who enlarge their purpose by building a culture of trust. We hope that you will share your stories, too.