A new study by Interaction Associates finds that employees want more transparency from their leaders as well as more involvement in decision making in order to trust them more.  While employees still trust colleagues, they are less trusting of their leaders.

We have often advocated for transparency from leaders, as openness is a key ingredient in the ROCC of Trust.  Leaders often think that they are either protecting their employees or are waiting for the right time to share information when in fact, employees are already aware of a situation and would feel better prepared if they were full informed by their boss.

In addition, many leaders prefer to withhold information in order to retain control.  They feel that if they do not share information that they will be the one to have the power advantage among their subordinates.  These leaders to not realize that sharing information and building a foundation of trust will actually have the effect of granting them more power through greater levels of trust with their employees.

What do you think?  Is being transparent all that difficult?


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