If you’ve followed along here or read our books, you’ve met two of our trustworthy female leaders. If not, we’d like to introduce you to them as the world celebrates International Women’s Day.

We feel blessed to know these leaders who have taught us so much about what it means to build a culture of trust with their employees while building a successful business.

Mary Ellen Sheets is the founder of Two Men and A Truck, International.  She is an inspiration to us for so many reasons: she not only believed in herself, but has believed in her daughter and two sons, and now the next generation of her family, to build a successful moving business from a $350 investment in an old truck to a $500 million franchise company.  She is the most humble and authentic person you could meet, but also the most courageous.  She followed her heart and now supports a new generation of movers who want to run their own franchise, too, through her Moving People Forward program.

Her daughter, Melanie Bergeron, is the Chair of Two Men and A Truck, International.  Melanie was the first franchisee of Two Men and a Truck and took over as President when her mom decided to hand over the reigns.  Melanie complemented her mom’s vision by hiring great people, supporting them, and putting firm policies in place to make sure the company would grow and thrive.  She also handed over the reigns of the company to her brother, Brig, when she felt it was time to share leadership of the company and give it a new perspective.  Melanie now gives back to the franchising community as well as her local community as an expert and mentor.

Once you meet these two women, you understand why the company motto is, “Movers Who Care.”