In this month’s issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, there is a great article about the need for leaders to be self-aware, which prevents them from becoming arrogant.  I knew that Aneil would appreciate this because the title of her article is “Confidence vs. Arrogance“.  We have had this conversation many times in our partnership–which is which–sometimes they are hard to distinguish from each other.

The author highlights three ways that we can stay humble:

1) ditch the swagger and be respectful and humble

2) communicate and listen (we agree!)

3) know the difference between making a move and when others will make a move on us–she contends that arrogance makes people believe that others will never take aim at us.

She really focuses on listening as being a key aspect of humility–the ability to be open to what others are telling you about your brand and yourself.

We would agree that it is a great way to build trust.


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