Reliability to the Rescue!
Written By TotalTrust
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This week, Karen decided it would be nice to have notepads printed for a workshop she is hosting. It was not necessary, but nice. When she reached out to Chad, at her favorite local printer, A Better Image, he said “no problem.” In fact, he got the printing done so fast that he had to remind her twice to come and pick up the order–days before she needed it.

This is great example for a couple of reasons:
1) As soon as she asked for their help, he said yes
2) They worked with her to make sure the order looked exactly what she wanted
3) They reminded her that it was ready, even before they originally promised
4) The order was done on time, and at a great price

After the disappointing experience last week, I thought it would be nice to congratulate Chad for an outstanding effort.  When someone promises to deliver and does in an excellent fashion, it is memorable and worth mentioning to others!