“Soft” skills are Essential Skills
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An executive I met at MetLife described “soft” skills to me as essential skills. She said that we need to reframe our ideas about soft skills and their place at work. I like this way of thinking. Why is it that we hear and read so much about the need for soft skills?

In our own research on trustworthy leadership, there is evidence that positive communication builds trust between leaders and teams.

There is also evidence that transparent communication builds trust between leaders and his/her organizations.

We want to know that we can trust what our leaders tell us. And, we want to know that they will listen to our concerns, as well.

Covey’s Habit #5 sums it up well: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. If you care about others enough to listen first, then you will have the opportunity to build a trusting relationship and share your perspective, as well. This is the basis for building those “soft” yet essential skills.