Stand out in your job search with a Thank you Note
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We are big proponents of thank you notes. Our young adult children kid us that they were sending thank you notes before they could even write (probably true!). We know the importance of conveying your gratitude (think thank you!) and encourage our students to always follow up from an interview with a thank you note.

This article from the Ladders reinforces many things we tell our students:

* Follow up with a thank you note fairly quickly

* Be professional in your writing

* Thank the person for their time

* Share how interested you are in the job

* Share something specific about your fit with the job that you may not have had time to share

* Let them know you look forward to hearing from them

* Thank them again!

The most surprising thing in this article was the fact that:

One Accountemps survey found that approximately 80% of hiring managers said that receiving a thank you note after an interview is helpful in selecting who gets the job, but the same survey found that only 24% of these hiring managers reported receiving such a note from applicants.

There is clearly an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition, just by sending a thoughtful thank you note.