Start your job hunt during college
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As business school professors, we spend some of our time (ok, a lot of our time!) helping our students and alums find jobs. We love working with our Career Services folks, but they are often overwhelmed with so many people to help.

The first way we can help our students is to let them know that there are many ways on campus that they can prepare themselves for their future careers. First by selecting a major that excites them, then by doing well in their classes, and finally by taking advantage of all their campus has to offer.

In addition, students can:

  • go and meet guest speakers when they come to campus
  • stop by career fairs and meet recruiters
  • practice interviewing
  • get an internship
  • ask for help

We asked our alums what advice they would give students and Chris Connelly offered this advice:

What advice would you add?