Students need more help with their careers, not less
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A recent study found that in these COVID-19 times, colleges and universities are planning to cut back on the career services that they offer students. Considering that finding a job is already a challenge for many students, this is not a positive development.

As business school professors, we find ourselves not only teaching business, but helping our students navigate the business world. We often help them find job openings, connect them with executives in the field that they are interested in for informational interviews, and help them craft their resumes. We love the career services folks at our universities, but they are already overworked. This is our way of helping our students (and our universities) out where we can.

What will happen when career services offices are smaller and more constrained than they already are? It will become even more difficult for students to find a job in their field that they are in college to prepare for.

We will keep helping our students with their careers, while supporting our career service colleagues. We could not do it without the support of our Trust Network, who are always so helpful in talking with students and sharing their professional expertise.