Take Trust to a Higher Level
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Companies think that if they produce a product of high quality, that customers will flock to them and trust them.  But that is not always enough.

For example, there is a restaurant close by me that serves excellent food. I would go there more often, but the service is lousy. The wait staff is not polite, they make you stand in line to order, rather than take your order at your table, and they are often rude when I order over the phone. The truth is that customers may trust you because you produce a quality product, but may not return if they don’t believe that you actually care about them and their business.

Showing that you care about them AND their business (the 4th part of the #ROCCOFTRUST) requires a company to
1) show a bit of humility in the way that they interact with customers: even if you know you have a fine quality product–ask how you can do better? ask if the product meets/exceeds expectations?

2) Be courteous and kind when interacting with your customers. Don’t assume that they will return just because you have a quality product. There are many competitors out there and more emerge every day (whether it is for dinner or dry cleaners). Take a page from Chik-Fil-A and treat your customers with respect.

3) Be Grateful for those customers.  Genuinely thank them for their business and invite them to return.  Don’t make any assumptions and work hard for that repeat business.

Caring is the hardest aspect of trust to convey and build, yet can help you distinguish yourself from your competitor.  Use it to take trust to a higher level.