bob-lintz1If you have read our book, you have met Bob Lintz. If you have been a student in Aneil’s class, you have “met” Bob through the case study we wrote on Parma. That is how we first met Bob–at his GM plant in Parma, Ohio.

Aneil met Bob when he was doing research for his dissertation.  Bob was one of the first auto executives to talk about the importance of developing trusting relationships in order to solve the problems in the auto industry.   Bob’s unique approach with his employees was successful and really transformed the way we thought about how managers could be successful building trust, including

    • Using an Open Door policy to encourage an open dialogue with employees
    • Building positive relationships between his top management team and the local union team


Bob has been very open with us over the years, sharing his ideas, successes, challenges, and even his time.  He is a courageous, humble and authentic leader.  We are grateful to Bob for his example.