The Best Way to Conduct Training is Up to You
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This article talks about the opportunities for b-schools in the Exec Ed market. More and more employees are looking for their companies to develop their skills at work, to help them be more successful and be ready for the next promotion.

One of the ways that we have been successful in helping large and small teams in their leadership development is that we are business school professors who are able to be more agile in our approach. We can provide leadership and team development, but offer a more customized approach.  We have worked with companies to provide these different options:

  1. Sales training once each Friday for 6 months

  2. Team development once a month for 6 months

  3. Team development once a quarter for two years

  4. Executive coaching once a week for 6 months

As you can see, there are no right ways to conduct training with your team. You know your team and what works best for them. The old model of taking people away from work for an entire week does not work for everyone.  Sometimes, teams get more out of their training when they try a bit and take it back to work.  Then they come back to training and talk about what worked and what didn’t work as they expected.  One bonus we add is to include strengths coaching in-between sessions, to help employees retain what they learned from session to session.

The best way to create a training program for your team is what works best for you.