There is a Reason Reliability is First in the ROCC of Trust
Written By TotalTrust
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This has been a banner week for un-reliability with many stakeholders in our life. While there are four ways you can build (or destroy) trust with people, the reason reliability comes first is that if you don’t do what you say you will do, people won’t often let you have a chance to show the other aspects of trust. They won’t care that you share details or can do your job or say that you care–if you aren’t reliable, they will assume you can’t be trusted at all.

As one example this week, a company we have worked with for over 30 years said that they would take $280 from our account until a program we are working on is approved. There are several steps in the process towards approval, and we would be assured that we would be notified about those steps. Instead, over $500 was debited from our account, without our approval, and without any information about why this happened. As a result, we are having a trust issue: why did they take more than they said they would without our permission? What does this say about their competence to do the rest of the work we agree to? What else will happen to our account if we continue this “relationship?”

As a result of this, we cancelled our transaction and asked for our money back. We were told that some other entity (not them) would be returning our money to us–eventually. This is even more revealing about their lack of transparency, competence, care and yes, reliability.

When trusting people cancel their business with you, you need to check what you are doing and why. If you can’t show them that you are reliable, it is doubtful that you will be allowed to have any other opportunities to do business.