Use your strengths to find a new career path
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We encourage our students and coaching clients to use the Gallup StrengthsFinder to learn about their strengths.  This is very empowering for several reasons:


  1. It helps you discover the top five ways that you naturally operate
  2. It helps you discover where you need to partner with people of other strengths in order round out your capabilities
  3. It helps you see that what you naturally do is not something everyone can do.  Your strengths are what make you unique in the way you can contribute to an organization.


Once you realize that your strengths are unique and give you qualities and talents that others don’t have, it allows you to search for a role where you can use your strengths.  We’ve all worked in jobs where we don’t fully use our strengths, and know how draining that is.  When we are able to fully use our strengths in a position, we are more engaged in our work and in that organization.