What are the best interview questions?
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A friend is interviewing for a new job and she asked what I knew about behavioral interview questions. I explained that these types of questions are really about how you have handled certain situations in the past, such as working on a team, managing a difficult customer or your own work style. These questions are designed to help you tell a story about what you have experience in your past, as a way to predict your future performance.

I found this article about behavioral interviewing and thought it might provide some insights for her and for others who are about to interview for a new job.

The article gives ideas for how to prepare, but one way I also suggest preparing is to look through the job description and think through your experiences that match what you would be doing.

Will you be interacting with customers? Think about times when you handled customer interactions (whether or not they were difficult or positive).

Will you be working on teams across the company? Think back to times when you worked on teams that brought together people from different disciplines and overcame obstacles to work together well.

Will you be working remotely? Think about how you are able to manage your own time and be disciplined. This is a new one that we all will have to share in our future interviews. One thing I’ve learned working remotely this spring is that for some of us, it is not just being disciplined to get our work done, but to make time for fun, too. Setting boundaries between work and “life” is important if we don’t want to get burned out.

When you have an interview like this, share your questions with us here.