What do we do when our trust is broken?
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After a discussion about building trust to improve collaboration, the question was posed: “What do you do when trust is broken?” I think this is something we all have wrestled with at one time or another.

After spending time researching this subject, learning from broken trust ourselves, and rebuilding trust where we have been able, here is what we have learned. There are steps to rebuild trust, but it takes both parties involved for trust to be repaired. You can’t fix it on your own. You have to work with the other party to rebuild trust.

There is one sad truth: if either party is not interested and/or willing to rebuild trust, then it just won’t happen. There are times that this will occur in our lives, and all we can do is learn from that experience. It might be painful and it definitely will not be fun. As someone noted on Facebook this week: “Some people come into our lives for a reason or for a season.” Maybe this is one way we can look at those relationships we are just not able to repair.