What isn’t on your resume?
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Here is a great list of interview questions from Glassdoor. My students ask me all the time: “What do you think the recruiter will ask me?” I usually have 10 questions I can quickly give them, but this list is helpful for them to fully prepare.

One question I have only had a couple of times that is NOT on this list is this: What is NOT on your resume that you want me to know about you? This makes me think about all of the things that are not obvious about myself–the things that are hidden from plain sight. They are not hidden on purpose, but probably because they might be nice for a recruiter to know, but not necessary.

If we truly think about this question, we might wonder:

1) What has really shaped us that is not on our resume that a recruiter might actually find useful to know about us? (this could be an illness, or some adversity that you have overcome)

2) How else could I share this information about myself in a meaningful way with a recruiter? (hint: put it in your cover letter!)

3) How can we bring our whole selves to work when there is no room for our whole selves on our resume, or even our LinkedIn profile? (will we be working for a boss or for an organization where we will be accepted for who we are?

4) What else can we do to be more transparent in a short interview? (how can I share things about myself that have made me who I am today?)

Let me know what you think about this question; how you’ve addressed it in a cover letter, and how you use less known information as a recruiter.