Who is your best brand ambassador?
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We just returned from the funeral of our favorite BB&T teller, Brenda. We knew her for almost 15 years, mostly from our drive-through deposits, frequent chats, and the lolly pops she gave our kids when they were young. When we told our (now) college-age kids that Ms. Brenda passed away, they had tears in their eyes. They remembered how kind she had been to them for so many years and were sad that she had passed away so soon after retiring with 37 years at BB&T.

As we sat there at her funeral, I wondered if BB&T realized how much of an impact she had on our business. After she retired, we didn’t make an effort to drive through to make our deposits any more. It just wasn’t worth it to get to know the new people. They weren’t quite like Brenda. They didn’t have that twinkle in the eye that she had or the kind word or sweet smile. We just had a connection with her that made a difference to us–and hopefully to her. We trusted her because we could count on her, not only to be our trusted teller, but to care about us as some of her favorite customers.

Another friend of ours, also a BB&T customer, was also there to pay his respects, and commented on what a kind and thoughtful person Brenda was. She made a difference in the lives of her customers–yes they are BB&T customers, but they were her customers.

We know that she is in a better place now, but hope that she knew that she was the reason we love BB&T. She was its trusted representative for us and always will be.

Do you have a brand ambassador who connects with your customers like Brenda?