This Inc. article reminds me of a couple of great bosses I have had, but Bruce is the one I have been thinking about lately.  I can’t seem to find him on LinkedIn.com and don’t know what happened to him after I left Johnson Controls.

Bruce was my boss when I was in sales at Johnson Controls.  #3 probably describes him best–he pushed control down to me, never tried to take it away.  I remember once when I had a big meeting with Coke in Atlanta and I was pretty nervous, he gave me a pep talk and told me that I could do it.  I expected that he would want to come with me to take over the meeting, but he let me go and handle it.  He had confidence in me (at 27) that I could handle Coca-Cola all on my own.  It worked out fine and I came away feeling more confident about myself.

Bruce was also focused on the big picture, which was work-life balance.  I didn’t have any at the time, because there were just two of us, but Bruce reminded me to leave on time and have dinner with my husband.  I appreciated the fact that he wanted work-life balance for himself and would want it for me, too.

This article reminds me of many of the bosses we profile in our book and the one coming out later this year.  After you have had such a great experience, even once or twice, you want the best boss for everyone because you know how much better work and life are with them.


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