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Update 1-16-12: Goldman Sachs reviewing conflicts policies for M&A bankers according to the Wall Street Journal. Original Post 1-15-12: Occasionally, employees and former employees have the courage to speak the truth about what really takes place in their organizations. ¬†The results are typically not pretty, but such honesty is essential to restoring trust and addressing […]

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We’ve been conducting research on organizational downsizing for more than two decades, but even so, it is next to impossible to keep up to date on downsizing activity in the U.S. and around the globe. ¬†Nonetheless, we’ll post here some of the downsizing efforts taking place that we don’t comment on elsewhere in our blog. […]

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Even though we believe that layoffs should be used as a last resort, and have the published research to support it, there do come times when it’s necessary to lay off employees.¬† That’s why it was good to see Simon Constable in the Wall Street Journal recently recommend several ways in which to do it […]

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